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The most powerful moments are the one's where you felt the weakest.......

A fierce fearless exploration of life........

18 March 1981
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  • earthygirrl@livejournal.com
I'm a 27 year old creative lesbian living in Chicago, IL.

I am a professional clairvoyant reader offering general readings and past life readings.
I also offer energy healings on the aura, the body and the chakras.
As of recently I have begun to offer long distance energy healings that you can send to anyone whom you feel needs an energy healing as well as drug and alcohol healings.

Please visit my website for more information: http://www.myspace/uilluminated

or at my other site: http://www.uilluminated.com

I also write for a variety of sites. Here's two of them.



Anything else you want to know is in my journal.....